Series: A light for Christmas

Our winter series is ‘a light for Christmas’ During Christmas we usually put up plenty of lights, and spend massive quid, and fall out with our relatives. We have Christmas music but so much of it has nothing to do with what Christmas is really about

Christmas is light to our darkness: God gave hope to a dark world (Isaiah 9), He, not any man, will save(Isaiah7), through a work we can trust (Luke 1) in order that we might have priceless lasting treasure(Luke 1 p.2)—Christ, so let’s be careful to not miss it this season (Matthew 2)


Hope in the dark: Isaiah 9:1-7

A reason for joy: Luke 1:26-45

Hitting the reset button: Isaiah 7:1-14, 8:6-8

The gift worth the wait:  Luke 1:46-56

Receiving the real gift this Christmas: Matthew 2:1-7 


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