Beginnings: a study through the Book of Genesis

‘When you know who you are you know what to do’


This Spring we are returning to a familiar book, the very first one in the Bible: Genesis. Why? Every Christian should read the Old Testament , but most importantly the first five books of our Scriptures. They are foundational to our own identity. In them we discover who we were created to be and what God intends for us to do during this brief life. Have you been living your lives purposeless or pursuing a purpose that is less than what you were created for? Come to the beginning, come and discover who you are and what you are here for. And come discover the God who loves you more than any parent can, but who offers you the choice to be with him or to go your own way and be autonomous.

Genesis Chapter 1: Designed with purpose

Genesis Chapter 2: Learning to be like God  

Genesis Chapter 3: Learning good from evil

Genesis Chapter 4 verse 1-16: The price we pay

Genesis Chapter 4 verse 17 – Chapter 5: Good and Bad Seeds

Genesis Chapter 6: Grace and Judgement

Genesis Chapter 7: Faith that Remains

Genesis Chapter 8: Can God be Trusted?

Genesis Chapter 9: New Beginnings Same Old Problems

Genesis Chapter 10: Measured Grace

Genesis Chapter 11: Pride and Babel


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