coming sermon series: Unveiled

Many feel anxiety about the present and ambivalence about the future. But our God is on the throne right now and in the future, though we may suffer, it all ends well for those who keep their eyes on Him. We are returning in February to the Book of Revelation where we see a God in control. Check out the previous sermons in the series below and see this space for new sermons coming shortly.

We can patiently endure our days knowing whose on the throne and where we’re going

The Church in Laodicea

The Church in Philadelphia

The Church in Sardis

The Church in Thyatira

The Church in Pergamum

The Church in Smyrna 

The Church in Ephesus

With whom we have to deal: Revelation 1:9-20

The time is near: Revelation 1:1-8 


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