Timothy Prismon

Minister/ Pastor

Tim is a Minister at Wilton. Born in the balmy California, he’s moved somewhere a bit different…  Tim came out in 2015 with his wife Andreea. Despite the weather he’s grown to love the United Kingdom and particularly has a passion for sharing the good news about Jesus with Londoners. He also enjoys, painting, playing guitar and… coffee… he needs coffee.


Michael Pritchard

Council Member

Michael has been a Christian for about 40 years, the last 17 at Wilton. He is retired from technical photography in scientific research and later a teacher assistant. He likes reading, documentaries and socialising over coffee.


Lynne Wells

Council Member

Lynne became a Christian when she was 12, but continues to be amazed how much more there is to learn and enjoy about the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. She was a Civil Servant for over 30 years up to being given voluntary early retirement in 2011. She volunteers with the amazing organisation Mission Assist (check it out and join in!) She is married to Martin and since first visiting in 2006 they have become addicted to annual holidays in Switzerland.

Jan Deja

Council Member

Been a Christian 25 years. Worked in IT for 40 years, now retired. Married with two grown sons and grandchildren. Enjoys running the Job Club at Wilton and managing the sound system.


Sean Shepley

Council Member/Trustee

Sean has been a Wilton member for over fifteen years. He is married to Nadine and they have 4 children. He uses his experience of working in Finance to run CAP courses that provide basic budgeting skills for adults and students. In addition to his roles at Wilton, he is a trustee for Pembroke Road Church and for a grant-giving charity focusing on homelessness, mental disability and provision for those requiring assistance for day-to-day living.


Brian Brazier


Brian has been a member of Wilton Community Church from its beginning in 2001. He committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 15. He is retired, having had his own business in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning for 30 years. He is the chairman of the church trust. He is involved in leading Sunday worship; as a coach for our Christians Against Poverty Job Club; and leads one of our mid-week Home Groups with his wife, Joy.

Gregor Grant


Gregor works as an intellectual property lawyer in Central London.  He has been involved in Wilton for about 17 years, and is frequently seen at the piano on Sundays.  He is married with four grown-up children and various grandchildren.  Interests apart from the Christian faith and practising law include cycling, cooking, skiing and more piano.





Heather became a Christian as a teenager and since moving to Muswell Hill over 30 years ago has been actively involved in St James and then Wilton church. She is married with two grown up sons and is now retired having been an HR director with a number of financial services firms. She enjoys putting that experience to good use as a job club coach and also as a personnel committee  member of a charity for the disabled based in Holloway, and as a mentor of HR staff in the charity sector.  She likes cooking and entertaining (sometimes at Wilton! )


Tahimy Cuellar

Director of Children’s Ministry and Evangelism

Tahimy joined us there years ago. She heads up our children’s ministry and the legal advice. Tahimy became a Christian when she was a child and since then has had a heart for sharing Jesus with others.