Morning worship at 10:30

This is our main event of the week. Here we come together to meet God and one another and to celebrate his redeeming love in Jesus. The morning includes: Songs, Prayers, Bible teaching, Childrens’ groups, Crèche, refreshments and fellowship.

The worship is led by an enthusiastic singing and music group and we use a wide range of songs. We normally use the New International Version of the Bible, copies of which are available for you to use at the church.

On the first Sunday of each month we celebrate Communion together. This is a special time of taking bread and wine together, for people who believe in Jesus and have made a personal commitment to love and trust Him as their Saviour.

We also have All Age Worship mornings occasionally, where the children stay with us during the service and often contribute to it. A crèche is still available for any who require it.

We practise baptism, usually by immersion in water, when a person has come to a living faith in Jesus for the first time and professes this openly.

Young people on Sundays

We believe that our children are an important part of our church and that as Proverbs tells us, we should “train up a child in the way they should go” (22:6).

We believe they should be ministered to just as much as the adults. Our program focuses on strengthening our commitment to God, Church, our families, and ourselves. Each age group will experience this growth through Bible Study, devotions, fellowship activities, service projects, and personal connections to their church. Our children join us for the first 20 minutes and then leave for their activities:

  • Creche is a safe, relaxed space with lots of toys and books for 0–3 year olds during the latter part of the service.
  • Kapow is a group for primary school aged children, which takes place during the morning service. We learn about Jesus and have fun with Bible stories, games and activities.
  • Youth Matters for teenagers from 11 years.

The church operates a Child Protection Policy to ensure the safety of all.