To the ends of the earth: a study on the book of Acts

We here in the United Kingdom might be tempted to believe that we have it much harder than those Christians who came before us. Sure, we think, the gospel once flourished, but it did so because things were much easier back than. People were ready to believe. Not so, the church of the first century lived in a much more hostile environment than we do. They sometimes faced persecution and death for their faith, but beyond that most people naturally thought their faith¬†ridiculous and backwards. Yet God’s Spirit was able to turn that world upside down and as we look at this sermon series we realise that God is able to turn our world likewise upside down too. If we will stay true to the gospel and walk in step with the Spirit just as they did, we will see renewal and fruit as well in our day.

Insightful Blindness- Acts 9:1-19

Help on the Journey-Acts 8:26-40

Partial Faith Pitfall РActs 8:4-25 

Loser Leaders-Acts 7

Passing the Torch- Acts 6:8-7:1 and 7:54-8:3

Growing pains-Acts 5:12-41

Sincerity among the body-Acts 4:32-5:11

Rightly resisting-Acts 4:13-31

The name

From stuck to set free

The earliest church part 2

The earliest church part 1

No other name

The spirit comes

God’s guidance

Continuing the work of Jesus – Acts chapter 1



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