We’re open at Church and on line

We are delighted to be returning to public services at WCC from Sunday 6th September, starting at the earlier time of 10.30. We are conscious that not all will be able to join these public meetings, so the sermon and songs will still be available on our Youtube channel. The church as a whole will continue to meet to discuss the sermon and share prayer needs via Zoom at 12.00

. The summary:

• Please arrive before 10.30 as we will be starting the service promptly.

• We can fit 30 people in the building whilst respecting social distancing rules. To accommodate visitors we ask church members to be prepared to give up their seats and watch the remainder of the service from home if necessary.

• Don’t come to church if anyone in your house has a temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste or smell, or if you’re shielding and have been given medical advice not to be in public meetings.

• The chairs will be set up to respect social distancing rules: please stay 2m away from other households in the main hall. • You must sanitise your hands on arrival.

• There’s a new one-way system: everyone enters via the fire escape doors and leaves by the main entrance.

• Please bring your own bibles if possible. Church bibles will be available for visitors.

• Our welcomers/stewards will register you when you arrive.

• You will need to wear a face covering as the Government has made these compulsory

• Our 11-14 young people’s group is running again, and although creche and younger children’s groups are not available during the service, we would love to see your children anyway if you are happy to bring them..

• We are making one toilet available. To respect social distancing, a member of the welcoming team may ask you to wait in the main hall if the toilet is already in use.

• The service is being live-streamed online, so if you’re in the building you may be seen online. Please let us know if you have any reservations about that and we will ensure you are seated appropriately.

• We are very grateful for your donations to the church, but ask that you do not give cash at this time.

• There will be time after the service to catch up with each other outside the church, still respecting social distancing rules.



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